Balloonasaurus Rex Entertainment

Available for parties, functions, shindigs, and hootenannies.

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Balloonasaurus Rex Entertainment is a fun-loving group of balloon twisters and face-painters dedicated to making your event enjoyable and memorable at a very reasonable price. We can paint or twist balloons for any design imaginable: from dogs to narwhals to cartoon characters to whatever theme you choose. We're thankful that what entertains us entertains you as well!

Balloonasaurus Rex Entertainment provides balloon sculpture and face painting at parties and restaurants for kids of any age throughout New York City and all surrounding areas. We're a fully insured, fun-loving group dedicated to making your event memorable at a reasonable price. We're thankful that what entertains us entertains you as well!

Why use Balloonasaurus Rex entertainers? 

* Your guests will be astounded at the moving mural of color and imagination you've let loose among them!

* The balloon sculptures are amazing, but the sculpting itself is even more so! Watch us effortlessly mold air and rubber into animals, vehicles, dinosaurs, book and cartoon characters, caricatures of your guests, and anything else we're challenged to make!

* Our artists are professionals: fully insured, trained, and using only the best, safest equipment commercially available.

* We have years of experience with kids -- entertaining, teaching, and chatting up a storm. If you don't love people of all sizes and stripes, you're not a Balloonasaurus Rex entertainer!

We guarantee you'll love booking with Balloonasaurus, but if you're not sure, check us out at a restaurant near you!

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